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  • The design of the web portal matches the design of typical GIS Software. It is mainly build with Python with the open source web frame work django.

  • Tools are hosted at KIT in an instance of birdhouse from DKRZ, and available as Web Processing Services (WPS). That design allows to extent the portal easily with additional tools, and can provide easy access to tools from the web portal and from local installed software for data analysis as well.

  • Data is stored in a postgreSQL database with the postGIS extension. This enables geographical requests within the database, and datafiltering for any relevant attribute.

  • The available data will be plotted on a map. For this we provide datapoints as Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) with GeoServer.

  • The background map is based on Open Street Map (OSM) and digital elevation models (SRTM), and is rendered with ModTile and renderd.

  • Comprehensive documentation and Helpdesk will maximise usability of the portal.