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Project Manager
Prof. Dr. Erwin Zehe
Institut für Wasser und Gewässerentwicklung

Otto-Amman-Platz 1

D-76131 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 721 608-43814

Email: erwin zeheJog8∂kit edu

Funded by:
Emblem BW


The virtual research environment for water and terrestrial environmental research (V-FOR-WaTer) developed withing the Water Research Network Baden-Württemberg is a generic virtual research environment for common and systematic management of data obtained from water and environmental research. This project also provides an access to the environmental monitorin data of LUBW and DWD through connecting the corresponding databases.

The main focus points of the project are data management and direct access to analysis tools in order to quickly process the research data and use them for prognostic modeling. Development of this virtual research environment is part of the sustainable data and software concepts of Water Research Network as well as the further development of Water and Environmental research in Baden-Württemberg. Furthermore, V-FOR-WaTer is a big step in realization of the “Landesobservatorium Oberrheingraben” (LOBS) vision, in which the universities of Baden-Württemberg and the LUBW scientifically cooperate and use the common data in order to understand better the particular long-term effects of global change.

This project deals with the storing of data and direct access to the analysis tools in order to process research data quickly and use them for prognostic modeling. It concentrates on finding solutions for generic data transformation problems for example hydro-meterologic data, processing of heterogenous data, preparing hydrological models and converting different formats of data to each other.

V-FOR-WaTer has started in July 2016 and lasts till end of May 2019. It is initially funded by the Ministry for Science, Research and Art of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Currently two instititutions of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are involved in V-FOR-WaTer:






Jointly development of a toolbox to integrate various ET flux measurements across methods, disciplines and scales. The final product will be available as a toolbox in V-FOR-WaTer.

V-FOR-WaTer at EGU2020

Please visit us at EGU 2020 (Session EOS7.10)!

Project SmaRD-AI

"Smart Research Data Management to facilitate Artificial Intelligenge in Climate and Environmental Sciences" within the KIT excellence initiative. V-FOR-WaTer will provide the portal for integrating precipitation information from rainfall radar and GNSS data. These spatially distributed datasets form the basis for modelling purposes (eg. using AI).

Development of a web portal to analyse hydrological data

The portal for our tools is still under construction.