V-FOR-WaTer and other projects/initiatives

V-FOR-WaTer forms the basis for other associated projects:


  • The postdoc project BRIDGET ("Bridging the scales of evapotranspiration (ET)") is a part of the Helmholtz Digital Earth initiative and aims at developing a specialized toolbox for evapotranspiration estimates. This toolbox will be available in V-FOR-WaTer, along with some ET datasets.
  • SmaRD-AI ("Smart Research Data management to facilitate Artificial Intelligence in climate and environmental sciences") within the KIT excellence initiative aims at integrating precipitation information from rainfall radar and GNSS data into V-FOR-WaTer. These spatially distribute datasets provide the basis for modelling and integral analyses, e.g. using AI.


Additionally, we are in close collaboration with the repository GFZ Data Services to support easy data publication, and with the Helmholtz DataHubs and NFDI4Earth as overarching data management structures.